Bella Cera Flooring Products

With 16 different stunning collections to choose from, you have a wealth of looks to consider with Bella Cera©. They also go above and beyond when it comes to ensuring their customers are satisfied with their new flooring. Highly trained craftsmen create the natural-looking flooring using environmentally friendly materials. Each board has a unique pattern so that the floors look more natural. They also design different widths for their flooring to better accommodate any room size. You can find a unique look that will enhance any room without having to worry about the high maintenance often required for hardwood floors.

Mariella collection by Bella Cera

Villa Bocelli collection by Bella Cera

Verona collection by Bella Cera

The Verona series is hand-carved plank engineered from the finest wood species, and is available in several stunning color selections. Verona comes in a prepackaged 4/5/6 inch variable-width configuration which allows you to create dazzling designs in every room. The products in this series also come with a 50-year finish warranty on residential installations.

Chambord Plus collection by Bella Cera

Ultra-High Definition has finally come to hardwoods with Chambord Plus. An unprecedented clarity to the natural wood grain is achieved through an 8 coats Bona super low gloss finish which also seals and protects. There is even more, with exquisite color variations between planks that are elegantly wire brushed to perfection.

Monet collection by Bella Cera

What the painter of perception did for Impressionism, the Monet French Oak Collection now reinvents for hardwood. Monet sets today’s new trend with a gorgeous sliced face French Oak that displays an unrivaled expression of natural, long and elegant grain patterns. Choose from a range of designer hardwood colors and, as complementary shades of fabric, walls and natural light play upon it, color variations spring forth to dazzle the eye.

Corsica collection by Bella Cera

The Corsica line of engineered mixed-width hardwood flooring comes prepackaged in widths of 3”/5”/7” – each unique, but together they make a statement of natural beauty that’s as easygoing as Corsica living. This designer hardwood is easy on the environment too, while showing strong character from being lightly hand scraped and sealed with a custom 8 coat American Valspar™ satin finish. Just perfect for enjoying a Corsican view every day.

Villa Borghese II collection by Bella Cera

The ageless antique allure of Oil-treated Villa Borghese floors has been lovingly reborn. Artisans begin a meticulous process by hand-selecting fine French Oak, milled into precise planks of 8-inches wide and six-feet in length. An unprecedented, signature double smoking technique is then used to age the natural Oak grain and lock in 10 heirloom-caliber colors. Surfaces are then lightly scraped, edges and ends are carefully hand-carved. Experience the allure of ageless antique beauty for yourself!

Monte Viso collection by Bella Cera

Monte Viso is character grade hardwood flooring that is lightly wire-brushed to preserve the natural beauty of its cracks and knots. Each plank's edges and ends are also distressed by hand, creating a look that beautifully balances smoothness and character on this 4”/5”/6” variable width product. This hardwood is easy on the environment too, sealed with a custom 8-coat, American Valspar™ finish, which contains no added formaldehyde, ammonia or heavy metals.