Centaur Floors Flooring Products

Centaur© focuses on recreation and fitness, giving athletes a comfortable flooring for their exercise routines. They’ve been in business for over 25 years, giving them a unique history in this particularly complicated type of flooring. Athletes, gyms, and rooms where people work out need a flooring that is comfortable but easy to clean. They even design turf to create something with a more natural feel when athletes have to train indoors for an outdoor sport. To provide more support, they design an underlayment to cushion contact with the floor, using a resilient rubber to reduce the shock on joints. If you have a workout room, gym, or other athletic space to floor, Centaur© is one of the best fitness flooring providers in the market.

Fastrack Interlocking collection by Centaur Floors

PuzzleTile Interlocking collection by Centaur Floors

Sportweave Interlock collection by Centaur Floors

Elite collection by Centaur Floors